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Project Description
It is a simple project to help new learner to learn up ASP.NET MVC 2.0 and how the jQuery can be integrated to improve the user experience of the Shopping Cart. The intention to create this eStore shopping cart is to present in Tech Insights 2010.
Please don't hesitate to comment or question!
Already done:
  1. The content slider with using Coda Slider - Feature product on main page
  2. jQuery Water mark - search text  box
  3. jQuery UI tab - Product Details
  4. jQuery lightbox - for product images or gallery.
  5. jQuery AutoComplete - Autocomplete plugin for displaying product name at the bottom of search box.
  1. The Store Admin - I does not complete it as my intention is not to demo whole ASP.NET MVC but instead I am presenting about the tips and tricks with integrating jQuery
  2. Shipping module - Same as above, maybe will use MEF to allow plugin at the future.
  3. Automapper, IoC, Service Locator pattern to allow DI of Repository and service onto the Controller with the custom controller factory. Allow the mapping between View Model and Model.
  4. Model Binder for IPrincipal and also Shopping Cart Model binder for Injecting easily the needed Model during testing of controller
  5. Wishlist is not on time to integrate into the project.
  6. jQPlot to use in Admin Dashboard page to show the daily sales/orders chart

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